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‘Most recently a global scientific review of insect populations has revealed that more than 40% of insect species are declining, a third are endangered, and the total mass of insects is declining by 2.5% per year.’

We have been selfish.We all have used resources of our dear planet. But it is not a time to cry, it is a time to act.

‘Please stand by’ is looking at giving back to nature, especially the wild insects of London. By creating these habitats for the wildlife of the city of London, the goal of the project is to help insects to find a refuge, nest and hibernate within the city, to protect themselves and find a suitable environment for their needs.

With the help of scientists, Robert Francis and Mak Brandon from King’s College London, we have joined forces to create these new homes for insects who are designed and made in an organic and sustainable way.

The pieces are both sculptural /functional and are made out of natural clay (not fired to keep it as much primitive as possible), and then coated by a natural binder to protect them from the weather. The pieces use materials that the insects like and the colours of the materials are as well chosen to reflect what they are attracted to in nature generally. They like for example light colours like white/grey and dark tones.

These hotels are made for pollinators such as solitary bees, wasps, butterfly... These sculptural pieces are encouraging biodiversity in the gardens and increase the ecosystem productivity. They are manmade structures created to provide shelter for pollinators.

The Chair2 - Please Stand By - Marlene H
The Chair - Please Stand By - Credits_Va

The Chair - 103x75x75cm - unfired clay, natural binders, wood.

Grege1 - Please Stand By - Credits_Valen

Grege - 128x26x30cm - unfired clay, natural binders, wood.

The Grave - Please Stand By - Credits_Va

The Grave - 108x75x100cm - unfired clay, natural binders, wood.

PLEASE STAND BY -Marlene Huissoud -Credi

Black Sheep - 104x27x73cm - unfired clay, natural binders, wood.

Petit - Please Stand By - Credits_Valent

Petit - 58x25x25cm - unfired clay, natural binders, wood.

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