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Humans has decided to spend time to rethink our co existence with other species. We don’t want another chair, we need actions. At our scale, at the good rhythm, it is not the time to sleep anymore. This project celebrates the importance of the sacred Mayan bees, the Meliponas and what we can learn together on a more peaceful journey with the natural world. It is not an artist work but a duo between the Meliponas and Marlene Huissoud. It is a proposal for the bees, an experiment for them to see if they colonise or not the space. In the meantime the craftsmen of the Sferik Museum has been asked to make different insect habitats as a map around the museum, this will help the bees to expand their flights.

More than a home for the bees, it is a inter species installation that asks humans to respect the peacefulness of the sacred home. Mamá is a tribe within the tribe of the Sferik Museum, located at the birthplace of the Meliponas, it breathes, it respects, it protects. Like a mother, the giantic sacred tree opens its arms to one of the most endangered and precious species in the world, the sacred mayan bees. It opens a dialogue in between the inside and the outside of the museum, recreating an eco system within its chimneys and existing dialogue with the natural world. Mamá reflects on the Mayan bees as the symbolism of Mother Earth, fecundity and the power of non violence and harmony. The installation is giving birth to the principal elements that we need as Humans to heal our Dear Planet.

Project develeopped with and for the SFER IK Museum.

2022-11-30 - marlene huissoud - meliponas - escultura-13.JPG
2022-11-30 - marlene huissoud - meliponas - escultura-12.JPG
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