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Cocoon bench_ Credits _ Studio Marlene H

FROZEN is looking at new ways of using silkworm’s cocoons without killing the worm, generally killed in the silk production. The silkworm is one of the most iconic insect experiencing a morphosis during his entire evolution. He is born as a worm but then morph in a butter y arrived at maturation. Within the silk industry most of the Bombyx Mori are killed in order to extract the silk from the cocoon, what if we let the worm become a butter y? How can we use this material differently and celebrate the morphosis of the insects?

At my hands the silkworm undergoes a further morphosis, as the cocoon normally discarded becomes building material. By accumulating hundreds of silkworm’s cocoons, I construct a very lightweight mould. Then metal is poured in the cocoon’s mould, generating one off and unique piece. By confronting the natural and artificial, I want to explore the stability of what is around us, using silkworm cocoons as a tool to mimic the beauty of nature with the help of industrial materials, freezing the beauty of nature for a long period of time.

Process_ Credit_ Studio Marlene Huissoud
Cocoon bench3_ Credits _ Studio Marlene
Cocoon bench_ details_Credits _ Studio M
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