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Schloss Hollenegg for Design – MORPHOSIS

Photo: Federico Floriani


Every year Schloss Hollenegg for Design presents a thematic design exhibition. This year, Schloss Hollenegg will be open to the public from  Friday 5th May to Monday 8th May, to present the works of twenty one young designers.

Alissa Volchkova / Breaded Escalope / Buro Belén / Celia-Hannes / Commonplace / Dean Brown  / Federico Floriani / Germans Ermics / Lex Pott / Lucia Massari / Lukas Wegwerth / Marcin Rusak / Marlene Huissoud / mischer’traxler / Nel Verbeke / Odd Matter / OS&OOS / Philipp Weber / Sabine Marcelis / Stephanie Hornig / Studio Furthermore / Zanellato Bortotto

The word Morphosis comes from the greek and means form; it is the manner in which an organism, or any of its parts, changes form, or undergoes development. Morphosis is continuous change, without a proper beginning and no foreseeable end. It would be reductive to think Morphosis only occurs in organisms, but rather, we should acknowledge it is transformation happening across the spectrum: inanimate objects, habits, cultures, morals, all change one very small step at the time, by adapting and morphing into something new, pushed in a direction by external agents. We are mostly unaware of this change whilst it occurs, because it is more a matter of evolution, than revolution.If we learn to see the constant imperceptible development, we are no longer surprised by what we erroneously considered a revolution. We can decide to become active agents of change, interfering and interacting, directing where is needed. The aim of the exhibition is to explain, portray and investigate how change occurs and how design can influence it. Change is in the very nature of design. With the help of design we can focus more attentively on the phenomenon of morphosis; knowing the past, seeing the present clearly, allows to plan for a better future. The world we know and live in, feels fragile and perilously precarious. We are in an age of transition, and it is paramount that we choose which direction to take, both as individuals and as community. We must see ourselves as catalysts of evolution.