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Talisman commissioned by IN RESIDENCE - 25x20x25cm

The talisman is part of us, part of what we are made of. We, as individuals, always want to be represented by an objet, identify something as the need we have to own, to obtain. The talisman is a statement, a message and a powerful tool to show our values as humans. Our talisman will expose what is around us, what exists and how we use materials in a non daily routine. The talisman is showing the magnetism of two entities that are conflicting and completing each others since centuries in the making process: the natural and the artificial. As statement, the object needs to reveal and underline a junction of how we live today.

By confronting the natural and artificial, I want to explore the stability of what is around us, using silkworm cocoons as a tool to mimic the beauty of nature with the help of industrial materials.

Techniques: Silkworms cocoons casted in pewter.