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FROM INSECTS | Bee Vessels


I have made a collection of  vessels from propolis using different glass techniques because the black propolis is similar to glass.

The vessel is one of the most common products from glass that we know as an industrial material.

The propolis was manipulated as a glass but has revealed other properties that gave it  unique and unexpected characteristics (eg colors, texture, facility to manipulate engraved glass).

As I wanted to develop  my materials using traditional techniques, I went to work in a glass workshop to learn from a specialized craftsman.  We worked with different glass techniques including venetian techniques, glass blowing and engraved glass. For example we tried many venetian techniques, which specifically makes long stripes from a material. Although it worked  it was too fragile to be considered for the making process in this instance.

After many experiments, we  succeeded in blowing  the propolis using  the same basic technique as with glass. The process is long because a kiln has to be specifically adapted for the propolis, since the melting point of the propolis (100°) is lower than the glass(1200°).

Many engraved techniques were also  developed throughout the project. By using the engraved glass techniques I can remind us from where the material came, and  replicate  specific textures found in the insects world.




Small Tree Vessel
25(h) x 8(d) x 8(w)cm

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Tree Vessel
44(h) x 9(d) x 9(w)cm

Quadri Vessel
40(h) x 8(d) x 8(w)cm

Large Tree Vessel
40(h) x 16(d) x 16(w)cm


©Inge Clemente – Mint Gallery – London


©Fran Parente – Chamber Gallery – New York